We supply OEM replacement parts and accessories for Carter Hoffmann Transport carts, Cabinets, Warmers, Modular Holding, crisp n hold, dispensers, plate warmers and food lockers.

 Find same day shiping on all stocked Carter Hoffmann parts and accessories, including:
baffles, ballasts, baskets,bowls, containers, bearins, bushings, belts, pulleys, sheaves, brackets and retainers, bulbs, lamps, lights, capacitors, caps and plugs, casters and wheels, catches, latches, strikes, channels, slides, chutes, spouts, circuit breakers, clamps, clips, compressors, condenser, evaporator coils, contactors, controls, conversion kits, decals, labels, overlays, diverters and deflectors, dividers, door and hardware, drain parts, elements, heaters, platens, fan, blower motors, fan blades, blower wheels, filters, screens, driers, fuses, blocks, holders, gasket and seal, gauges and thermometers, grates, handles, hinges, holders, supports, hooks, hoses, pipes, tubing, insulation, knobs and dials, legs and feet, light sockets and lampholders, magnets, nuts, bolts, screws, o-rings, panels, covers, lids, pans, trays, wells, plates, potentiometers, resistors, power supplies, cords, probes, sensors, pumps, motors, regulators, relays, rods, shafts, pins, shelves, racks, shields, guards, springs, switches, buttons, temperature controls, terminal blocks, thermocouples, thermopiles, thermostats, high limits, timers, valves, solenoids, fittings, washers, rings, spacers, wires, cables and hardware